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“Make Someone Happy” – Sugar

hey guys

My name is Sugar and I was adopted…I love my new home and wish that there are more people like my mum and dady who could adopt Indian dogs into their homes…If you cannot adopt then please make sure you help them in form of feeding and providing drinking water for the stray dogs around your locality…Do something different on this World Stray Day on 4th of April…wuff wuff


The sad case of Australian parrots & Russian rabbits

Under many of the flyovers of Delhi, where everyone is too busy to reach their destination, sits a salesman. What does he sell??? Parrots and rabbits stuffed inside small cages frightened out of their wits!!!! Although in India selling animals and birds in this manner is illegal yet this salesman proudly claims that the rabbits are Russian and 1200 INR per pair. However the white colored parrots, which he declares are extremely rare and specially brought from Australia, will cost you 2400 INR. The sad part is that there is lack of robust law to help these animals and imprison these hundreds of salesmen. Even if they are caught, yet they get away by paying meagre bribe. One of them had to be conned in order to take these pictures…










Such beautiful creatures of God do not deserve to be treated like this. Ultimate boon that you can give them is neither food nor a golden cage but their Freedom!!!!

World Stray Day!!!

On this April 4th we will be celebrating world stray day and supporting the right of strays to have a cruelty free life… We appeal to all of you out there to pledge to respect these dogs’ rights to live peacefully and to help the strays around your house by giving them food to eat and clean water to drink..It may be a small effort from you but the dog would be grateful to you for all his life..Please report any incident of abuse towards them..One small step by each one of us could make a huge change…

The missing case of House Sparrows

World is celebrating Sparrow day on 20th March. Have you ever wondered where have all the sparrows gone??

Once these little birds used to run in flocks chirping their way through the city. We spotted two sparrows recently at DLF mall Vasant Kunj and wondered JUST TWO??? The poor creatures were trying to make nest in an artificial coconut tree in the food court. These sparrows once roamed free but today all they could see above their heads is concrete ceiling ornamented with a huge chandelier.

The house sparrows once were the most common thing that you could spot flying in the city’s sky. However since past few years they are being spotted lesser and lesser. There has been a lot of studies conducted on this pattern. One of the studies has mentioned that in Netherlands these sparrows have been included in endangered species list.

One of the major reasons as being cited by many researchers is the use of unleaded petrol which as a by product after combustion produces certain compounds which kills small insects which are a major food source of sparrows. The cutting of trees and reducing flora has led to fewer worms and larvae being available for these little birds to feed on. The nesting options for sparrows are decreasing because of the match box style apartments that doesn’t have nooks and corners for them to build their nest.

What many of us and our politically correct government does not understand is that sparrows are not only there to beautify the surroundings but help control the insect population as well. One of the major food of sparrows are mosquitoes!!! Now you can well imagine the importance of blooming sparrow population.  A healthy population of these little chirrups could drastically reduce diseases like malaria, dengue etc. which are currently a nightmare for MCD. Sparrows could also devoure many of the pests making them helpful for saving crop damage.

We are not here to discourage urbanization because it helps increase quality of living but instead of a unidirectional view where man thinks only of himself why can’t we adopt Holistic Urbanization which includes man and the enviornment as well. How much would it take to plant a few saplings and water them once in two days??? These trees could provide shelter for our chirrupy little sparrows and many others.

We at tail waggers appeal to all of you who care, make a difference on this World sparrow day!!!

The World Insensitive

Day before yesterday Indegree angels(NGO in Delhi) rescued 6 puppies from laxmibai market,Image INA. Unfortunately they were found there in a dumpster. Strange it is that people who visit INA and nearby Delhi Haat as well as Sarojini nagar market could easily pass as gluttons when you see them hogging on street food but when it comes to these little pups they could not even shell out 5 Rupees on a parle G biscuit.

What one wants to point out is that though with developing economy Indians are having greater purchasing power yet the humanity inside them is decreasing day by day. Stark contrast of this situation is the case of Pratima devi who feeds near about 75 dogs outside Anupam shopping complex near saket when she herself scavenges for a living and has a makeshift trap cover shed to call her home. To augment this dissimilarity of attitudes her irregular income is only of 150 ruppes per day.

The irony makes one stop and think ‘What happened to us? Why have people become so insensitive?’. Being the most developed species isn’t it our responsibility to help those pups??

sugar diaries


my name is sugar. i am a 3 months old pup and this is the story of my life. my daddy is a very handsome black spaniel who fell in love with a beautiful white indian dog that was my mum by the way. the result was me and my two very naughty brothers. i got adopted to this lovely family wen i was just 7 weeks old.

lets cut to the chase. right now i am the naughtiest and keep my whole family on their heels. oye! news of the day ” i finally succeded in chewing off mumaman’s( thats my new mum) slippers. its officially declared dead now.” she gave me a good running excercise in chasing me around the house but my lovely (puckered lips) look melted her heart.

well folks thats for today’s news. will be in touch with my escapades. hummm i think i smell apple stew got to go.

c ya