The World Insensitive

Day before yesterday Indegree angels(NGO in Delhi) rescued 6 puppies from laxmibai market,Image INA. Unfortunately they were found there in a dumpster. Strange it is that people who visit INA and nearby Delhi Haat as well as Sarojini nagar market could easily pass as gluttons when you see them hogging on street food but when it comes to these little pups they could not even shell out 5 Rupees on a parle G biscuit.

What one wants to point out is that though with developing economy Indians are having greater purchasing power yet the humanity inside them is decreasing day by day. Stark contrast of this situation is the case of Pratima devi who feeds near about 75 dogs outside Anupam shopping complex near saket when she herself scavenges for a living and has a makeshift trap cover shed to call her home. To augment this dissimilarity of attitudes her irregular income is only of 150 ruppes per day.

The irony makes one stop and think ‘What happened to us? Why have people become so insensitive?’. Being the most developed species isn’t it our responsibility to help those pups??


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