The missing case of House Sparrows

World is celebrating Sparrow day on 20th March. Have you ever wondered where have all the sparrows gone??

Once these little birds used to run in flocks chirping their way through the city. We spotted two sparrows recently at DLF mall Vasant Kunj and wondered JUST TWO??? The poor creatures were trying to make nest in an artificial coconut tree in the food court. These sparrows once roamed free but today all they could see above their heads is concrete ceiling ornamented with a huge chandelier.

The house sparrows once were the most common thing that you could spot flying in the city’s sky. However since past few years they are being spotted lesser and lesser. There has been a lot of studies conducted on this pattern. One of the studies has mentioned that in Netherlands these sparrows have been included in endangered species list.

One of the major reasons as being cited by many researchers is the use of unleaded petrol which as a by product after combustion produces certain compounds which kills small insects which are a major food source of sparrows. The cutting of trees and reducing flora has led to fewer worms and larvae being available for these little birds to feed on. The nesting options for sparrows are decreasing because of the match box style apartments that doesn’t have nooks and corners for them to build their nest.

What many of us and our politically correct government does not understand is that sparrows are not only there to beautify the surroundings but help control the insect population as well. One of the major food of sparrows are mosquitoes!!! Now you can well imagine the importance of blooming sparrow population.  A healthy population of these little chirrups could drastically reduce diseases like malaria, dengue etc. which are currently a nightmare for MCD. Sparrows could also devoure many of the pests making them helpful for saving crop damage.

We are not here to discourage urbanization because it helps increase quality of living but instead of a unidirectional view where man thinks only of himself why can’t we adopt Holistic Urbanization which includes man and the enviornment as well. How much would it take to plant a few saplings and water them once in two days??? These trees could provide shelter for our chirrupy little sparrows and many others.

We at tail waggers appeal to all of you who care, make a difference on this World sparrow day!!!


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