The sad case of Australian parrots & Russian rabbits

Under many of the flyovers of Delhi, where everyone is too busy to reach their destination, sits a salesman. What does he sell??? Parrots and rabbits stuffed inside small cages frightened out of their wits!!!! Although in India selling animals and birds in this manner is illegal yet this salesman proudly claims that the rabbits are Russian and 1200 INR per pair. However the white colored parrots, which he declares are extremely rare and specially brought from Australia, will cost you 2400 INR. The sad part is that there is lack of robust law to help these animals and imprison these hundreds of salesmen. Even if they are caught, yet they get away by paying meagre bribe. One of them had to be conned in order to take these pictures…










Such beautiful creatures of God do not deserve to be treated like this. Ultimate boon that you can give them is neither food nor a golden cage but their Freedom!!!!


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