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How to puppy – proof your home.

Puppies and small children both are no different from each other. They are curious therefore will put in mouth anything & everything that they find. Therefore it is very important to Puppy proof your house before you bring your fur baby home. A bit of hard work and proactiveness could go a long way by saving you from unnecessary stress? So here are 10 easy steps to puppy proof your house: 

1.       Convert all the open door cabinets to closed doors that are within the reach of the pup.

2.       Remove all the detergents, floor cleaners and the chemicals of the likes from the places that are within the reach of the pup. Best option would be to place them in close cabinets.

3.       Remove the dustbin from the plain sight and move it under the kitchen sink which also has to be covered with doors. This is very important since the dustbin contains foods at various levels of decay as well as small bones and polybags which could choke the puppy.

4.       Cover all the exposed electric wires as well as the switches that are within the reach of the pup.

5.       The tablecloths that are draped around the table legs should be avoided since they attract the pup as something to play and one good tug could bring down the table as well as all the things kept over it.

6.       The bathroom especially with wet floors should always be kept closed since pups love to sit there in summers and continual exposure of their bellies to water could lead to fungal infections. 

7.       Sewing and knitting baskets should be kept at safe distance since they contain needles which if swallowed could cause severe damage.

8.       Medicines should be kept on a safe distance as well as should be taken carefully since puppies are very fast at grabbing things that fall on the ground. The medicine could be in the puppy’s stomach before you even realize. Same kind of precaution should be taken with coins.

9.       You should always put plastic shield on lower half part of your gates so as to prevent the pup from wriggling out of it and wandering of on roads where it could be mauled by other big dogs.

10.   And lastly it’s always good to have a first aid kit exclusive for your pup which contains some basic medicines like – betadine, gelucil, ORS packets, perinorm syrup and cotton.

In order to further aid you with puppy proofing the following video could be useful.  puppy proofing your home (video)