Project Pole Insulation – An Initiative

Project Pole Insulation was inspired by watching the process of dog catchers catching dogs with catch poles and the injuries caused to the dogs during the process. If you have ever noticed, the dog catching drill is fast and efficient, this is why we fail to notice the inside story. All animal welfare organizations in Delhi city use catch poles for catching dogs. Once a dog is caught he or she can and often does panic and begins to bite the poles in an attempt to be free, usually resulting in some pretty awful mouth injuries. Though these kinds of incidences are rampant, very few even pay attention or for that matter come up with a solution like using net or insulating the poles. Hence  Project Pole Insulation.

In order to prevent these injuries Indigree Angels Trust and Tailwaggers have started a joint initiative in the form of ProjectPole Insulation to try and help save the dogs from this completely avoidable trauma. We are going into animal shelters in the city and insulating their catchpoles by coating it in a way that ensures that if/when the dog bites the pole he does not injure himself. We are also training people within the organizations on how to make and maintain the insulation on their catchpoles as well. Yesterday we insulated PAWS and ANIMAL INDIA TRUSTs catch poles. We thank them for caring. We hope the rest of the shelters will also understand the importance of this Project and welcome us as well.

We appeal you to support us by promoting Project Pole Insulation and making sure that catch poles brought into your area are properly insulated and safer for the dogs.

You can also leave your comments here. Your feedbacks will be highly appreciated.


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