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What to do when you find an injured animal.???

Many a times it happens that we come across an injured or ill animal and do not know what to do. Here are few steps so as to organize you and guide you through the rescue:

1.      The most important thing to understand before undertaking any kind of rescue is that all animals are scared of humans. They can neither understand you nor tell you what is wrong with them. This lack of communication results in generating mistrust. Therefore you have to be very careful in approaching the animal because there is a possibility it could harm you or itself out of fear.

2.      First of all it is very important to understand the kind of injury to the animal because when you will call a helpline, the first thing that would be asked is the same.


3.      Sometimes in case of dogs the animal gets aggressive if you try to reach out so it is best not to go very near but to gradually gain its trust. The same goes for birds except birds get frightened and in the course could harm themselves further more. The best way to keep birds calm is to keep them in a dark and quiet place for example a large size cardboard box with holes for breathing.

4.      Immediately call for help. You can get all the helpline numbers that you need from  http://www.tailwaggers.in/AnimalHelplines.html.  You can also try to take the animal to the nearest vet or you can wait for the ambulance.

5.      Make sure that you take the token number that the organization providing the ambulance will give you. This will help you to keep a regular tab on the whereabouts of the animal that you rescued.

6.      You can later give the reference of the token number and verify if the rescuing organization has returned the cured and healthy animal to its original area/street.

Hope these points will help you get organized and you will be able to help an animal without getting panicky.