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Does Your Dog Have Happy Feet????




There are so many times when you get worried about the rough paw pads of your dog. Usually rough or dry paw pads in dogs are not an issue as they need to be hard because they are their socks and shoes. However sometimes dogs could have extremely dry paw pads similar to the dryness of human feet, which can lead to cracking. In these times the paw needs attention. Some reasons and remedies for cracked paws are:


During the winter months dogs exposed to snow, ice, ice melting products and frozen pavement are likely to develop dry pads. Exposure to lawn products, fertilizers and indoor floor cleaners may also contribute to dry and cracked paws. Avoid exposing your dog to lawn chemicals and salted concrete. You can use dog booties in winters also. If your dog doesn’t like them or otherwise, it is advisable to check his paws every time you come back from a walk. In case of cracked paw pads you can apply Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) Or Some Coconut Oil to keep them moist.


Low zinc levels, to the point of deficiency, can cause dryness and in turn cracking of dog paw pads. If you suspect this kind of deficiency then take him to your vet. Omega-3 is a good source for Zinc and is found in fish oils. Fish oils should only be introduced in small doses to your dog’s diet as its excess can cause diarrhea in dogs. However always consult your vet before introducing any kind of item in his diet.


Skin infections could also be the reason behind cracked paw pads. A less common cause of cracked pads is yeast infections, which must be diagnosed by a veterinarian. For skin infections, small cuts and inflammation in your dog’s paws you can apply a mixture of apple cider vinegar with 50% of water. Even if the dog licks it, it is great for their inner healing and digestion.


It is always good to consult your vet before experimenting on your pup with any major home remedies. We hope that your pooch’s paws always remain one “happy feet”. Good Luck.